Strategy Approach

*Our Thoughts on Strategy and Business Development.

Truth Drop.

Not all executives are leaders or creative thinkers. In fact, some don’t want to be. For was laser focused on producing cars, not operations or accounting or politics. The reality is that not all entrepreneurs are business savvy.

A good a idea or product may have started the company but there is more to business growth and profit than one or two good ideas or products. Promotion, expansion, risk management, deals, and customer and employee engagement does not come easy….and it is lonely at the top. We can help.

The reality is that short term greed can result in long term failure. Cutting the wrong types of costs and taking the wrong approach to customers can end up being quite expensive. Strategic growth keeps your base (which made you the success that you are) and expands your business one deal, one decision at a time for long term stability.

The Basics of Strategy.

Direction is key for a successful business. If you want a legacy, if you want to avoid unreasonable risk, if you want to have long term success, you need a good strategy. Quick brainstorming sessions, advance war games scenarios (what if and if so) can save a market expansion or new product because you are ready to respond to several variables. Communicating that strategy to your soldiers (professionals) is also important. If the team doesnt know the mission, the mission fails.

The Round Table.

You’ve heard of the roundtable and of ‘having a right hand’. Both are hard to come by for leaders within companies. Leaders are typically surrounded by family, friends and employees that cant be completely candid and honesty in their opinion. There are politics, fears (job security and feelings), jealousy, and mediocrity. Most of the time, when leaders ask about an idea or concept, they get, “yes” that is great, looks good, is awesome. When the idea flops, the leader is confused.

We are a third party round table because we’re experienced, unbiased, have experiences and perspectives difficult to find internally, and get to know your business and mission.

Business is an idea, followed by countless deals. Deals with employees, customers, vendors, and sometimes competitors. We are a deal minded company and can improve your deal strategy.

The value add of StraightUp Strategy is that I cut through the BS and get to the heart of the problem and deliver several solutions.

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Our Services:

1) Growing Businesses. Goal: reduce unreasonable risks for longterm sustainable growth.
a. strategic initiatives and new markets
b. marketing campaigns
c. product development
d. vendor selection and management.

2) Deal Strategy and Negotiations. Goal: streamline deals by cutting through overcomplicated posturing and adjust approaches.
a. review and provide key terms
b. assist with closing strategies
c. attend high level meetings as back up.

3) Corporate Formality Development. Goal: increase the formality and professionalism while retaining the company’s culture and spirit.
a) review or create policies, compliance and regulatory programs
b) review compensation and morale strategies
c) assisting with culture and integration issues

4) Leadership Support. Goal: take some of the isolation out of leadership by increasing confidence and transparency on decisions and results.
a) candid and confidential problem solving and sounding board
b) boots on the ground services (suiting up and supporting you as needed).


Strategy is key. We can help. Consulting companies are expensive, drag out their reviews, posture and overcomplicate to bill more. Lawyers pull the same stuff plus they are risk adverse and will never understand your goals. We are right in the middle. Business development and strategy energizes us, not money. Consultants and lawyers are driven by partners, billables and money.

Talent and creative thinking is not guaranteed by a GPA or an Ivy league degree, it is often developed by experience, work ethic and personality. I’ve got the training, degrees, and background to bring real value, StraightUp.


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