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Our Thoughts on Strategy and Business Development.

Truth Drop.

Ford was laser focused on producing cars, not operations or accounting or politics. The reality is that not all entrepreneurs are business savvy. Not all want to manage. Not all are leaders of people. That is okay. Others love that stuff.

A good a idea or product may have started the company but there is more to business growth and profit than one or two good ideas or products. Promotion, expansion, risk management, deals, and customer and employee engagement does not come easy….and it is lonely at the top. We can help.

The Need for a Round Table.

You’ve heard of the roundtable and of ‘having a right hand’. Both are hard to come by for leaders within companies. Leaders are typically surrounded by family, friends and employees that cant be completely candid and honesty in their opinion. There are politics, fears (job security and feelings), jealousy, and mediocrity. Most of the time, when leaders ask about an idea or concept, they get, “yes” that is great, looks good, is awesome. When the idea flops, the leader is confused.

We are a third party round table because we’re experienced, unbiased, have experiences and perspectives difficult to find internally, and get to know your business and mission.

Business is an idea, followed by countless deals. Deals with employees, customers, vendors, and sometimes competitors. We are a deal minded company and can improve your deal strategy.

The value add of StraightUp Strategy is that Mr. Sullivan cuts through the BS and get to the heart of the problem and delivers several solutions. Contact Mr Sullivan at

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