StraightUp Services. 

Our most popular services are: executive sounding board, customer service and ops issues, interviewing candidates, and driving new deals.


We also offer four categories of services:

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1) Growing Businesses. Goal: reduce unreasonable risks for longterm sustainable growth.
a. strategic initiatives and new markets
b. marketing campaigns
c. product development
d. vendor selection and management.

2) Deal Strategy and Negotiations. Goal: streamline deals by cutting through overcomplicated posturing and adjust approaches.
a. review and provide key terms
b. assist with closing strategies
c. attend high level meetings as back up.

3) Corporate Formality Development. Goal: increase the formality and professionalism while retaining the company’s culture and spirit.
a) review or create policies, compliance and regulatory programs
b) review compensation and morale strategies
c) assisting with culture and integration issues

4) Leadership Support. Goal: take some of the isolation out of leadership by increasing confidence and transparency on decisions and results.
a) candid and confidential problem solving and sounding board
b) boots on the ground services (suiting up and supporting you as needed).

*Our Approach: We take a pragmatic, candid, direct, and straightup approach. We customize our services uniquely to each client rather than applying a blanketed approach that doesn’t work. We learn your business and then apply our skills. For example:

I. For startups and new businesses:
We can help you create long term sustainable success by solving common struggles and creating:
-controls, procedures, adding and reviewing deal terms
-reviewing and negotiating on your behalf (we have negotiated with some of the biggest banks, law firms, and companies in the world and can bring that to you)
-reviewing or creating your marketing content and providing tweaks and changes
-structuring your company and departments
-outsourced talent (see item three below

II. Established Business:
We can provide confidential guidance to reduce risk or promote growth by:
-providing ideas, creative solutions, reviews and candid feedback hard to find in a political and biased world like Corporate America
-research issues and areas you are unsure about or don’t have the time to focus on but can’t turn to internal resources
-give second opinions that are unbiased, on point, and candid so that your ideas get off the ground and your problems are handled appropriately
-outsourced talent (see item three below)

Stay Smart, Stay Savvy-

*This blog does not provide legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney directly.