40 Published Articles by 30. On Leadership. -By a Guy Who Grew Up Working at a Bar and ended up a Corporate Advisor.

40 Published Articles by 30. On Leadership. -By a Guy Who Grew Up Working at a Bar and ended up a Corporate Advisor.

I made a goal last year to write 40 articles before I turned 30. Done as of this article. Some went viral and some…well, they were fun to write. This one is on leadership.

What do I know? Well, at 30 (almost) I have 22 years of work experience. I started at 8 years old alongside my Dad at the bar that he managed in Boston. Too late to call child services. This experience was critical in building my work ethic, problem solving + conflict resolution skills, instinct, and emotional intelligence. It taught me that leadership exists at all levels + on all teams, at all ages. Leadership often can’t be taught, some don’t want to do it, and it’s actually quite fragile.

To borrow a line from JFK, leaders should ask not what their employees and customers can do for them but what they can do for their employees and customers. That mindset and approach towards leadership will lead to sustainable success. 

Leadership has little to do with years experience but rather personality, quality of experience, and desire. Many companies make the mistake of promoting people into leadership roles because of years on the job. That isn’t enough. Nor is a resume with a certain company on it or degree from a particular school. Find leaders that have the desire, skillset, energy, and ability to lead.

As companies see major groups start to retire they are looking for leaders. In searching for leaders don’t look for puppets. Look for creative people that advocate for their customers, their employees, and aren’t afraid to speak up for what makes sense, not just from an economic standpoint, but a strategic + motivational one. 

Creativity INC is a great book on the topic. As is the article below. Loyalty is gained when people respect the leader and trust them. These 2 things cannot be bought but can be created by being approachable, connectable, strong, and decisive. A leader gets results because his followers will work hard for him/her.

Be human. Take care of folks.

Whether at a bar, in a corporation, a small business, on a sports team, a construction site, a field of battle, even with friends or siblings, you can be a leader by having characteristics that others respect. Don’t just look out for yourself, or the executives, or the bottom line, look at the institution globally, the goals and desire of each part of it and try to get everyone somewhere they are content. Big huge bonus? Share the wealth. That would be refreshing, employees would appreciate it, and hey, maybe other leaders would do the same.

At 30 I know, and want my readers to remember, that leaders can get nothing done without loyal support and leaders, like talent, are not a dime a dozen, they are rare and valuable. So find those leaders, embrace them, support them, and promote them, regardless of their age. You never know what they might be capable of given the chance.

Good luck!

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