Competency and Positive Results: Age, Quantity of Experience, and Other More Critical Indicators of Success.


Do Age and Quantity of Experience Guarantee Competency or Positive Results? When it comes to Doctors the NY Times and Harvard Research say ‘no, not necessarily’.

Interesting article from the NY Times regarding age + experience and how both impact client expectations, results, and trust levels. Do age and quantity of experience alone guarantee positive results?

“In many professions, a premium is placed on experience, with age often a surrogate for expertise..Nothing is more reassuring to [people] than seeing a silver-haired [professional] walk up.. [Yet] a paper published last year by..Harvard showed..patients being taken care of by younger doctors were less likely to die. ” (link below).Why these results? The young docs are innovating+free from bad practices/habits of the past.


1.When it comes to experience both quality + quantity of experience are critical. Quality means that the person was involved in making decisions and providing services not just watching or assisting. Many years of quality experience is great, so long as that person is not burned out and good at what they do as is few years of quality experience, ability, and hustle.

2.When it comes a competent professional it comes down to ability, experience, work ethic, and responsiveness. Not just their age. Age alone shows very little.

3. When it comes to promotions, salary, and hiring there are more factors to consider than years in the game.


In choosing a doctor, employer, advisor, or lawyer you have to dig deeper than a resume, title, degree or age. Get to know the individual.

1.Are they burned out? Are they up to date with current methods?

2. Do you like them?

3. More importantly, do you trust them?


Age and quantity of experience alone do not indicate that you will see positive results from the service professional. Quality of experience, quantity, ability, work ethic, etc., are all critical factors as well.

Talent needs mentors + mentors need talent. Pass the torch to the right person, not necessarily the oldest one. Learn from those above and below you on the chain of responsibility and talent.

Good Luck!

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