To Stay or To Go, Career Moves in 2018

As 2018 kicks off some talented people are deciding to stay or leave their company. Managers should do more than just hope that talent stays. Sir Richard Branson said it best: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” 

There are 3 certainties in career moves: 1. talent is not easily replaced; 2. it doesn’t take a lot to get talent to stay; 3. it doesn’t take a lot for talent to walk.

Common issues that frustrate talent enough to leave:

1. neglected company grinder+rain maker: he spent years there but rises painfully slow up the ranks (due to bad processes) and might go. Why? You weren’t worried about him and put resources+time into finicky employees/new hires. You didn’t consider or denied faster advancements + low balled him. Check talent’s temperature and don’t lose them to corps that will treat them better.

2. lack of flexible work environments/trust: traffic stinks. living close to work is expensive. Although it is imperative to get face time, most people could work fine from home. Remote work requires trust. If the option is: lose a good employee or trust them to work from home, that should be an easy call. Trust is crucial, flexibility is imperative.

3. No future: would you stay at the company? Has it changed for the worse? Bad bosses? Ask talent + make improvements to keep them. As time goes on a lot of perks get pulled back, things become stuffy and slow. Freshen things up for the employees that matter.

If you are thinking of changing things up just remember that the grass is not always greener and that you will be out of your comfort zone for awhile as you figure out who is who, how to work with your boss, and learn the company’s products and processes. Sometimes a move is worth it and sometimes you realize that it wasn’t so bad where you were. Take time in your decision but in the end, make sure you take action either way. When leaving, do it right and a door might always be open for you to come back.

Good luck!

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