Cringeworthy Ads + the Broken Referral Model

Bad Ads and Broken Referrals:

1. Ever flip a channel or turn off the radio because an ad was so horrendous? Probably. We are bombarded by mostly ineffective ads that range from annoying and confusing, to condescending. Most ads scream desperation and mediocre marketing teams.

2. Are you paying people to refer your product or service? If so, you are already in trouble. Think about the things you like? You freely recommend and discuss them with others who might be interested. If you are paying people to talk about your stuff, your stuff is not good enough. It won’t work.

The solution for better results from ads and referrals is simple and basic:

Have a good product or service and it will sell itself. How? People want high quality products at a fair price. That is it. They will talk about it, promote it, come back for it.

The Marketing teams that create absurd pitches and the Sales teams that use ridiculous tactics do so only when the quality stinks, the price is bad, or the company stopped innovating.

Bad ads and paid referrals are because of two things:

1. Companies desperately trying to convince you to buy something you otherwise wouldn’t; and

2. People with Marketing degrees rather than creative talent. They don’t get it.


Keep your quality high, your talent strong, your ads direct and you will do fine.

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