Smart. Savvy. Always Candid.

Looking for solutions? An outside honest perspective? An informed right hand you can trust to get something done? Talk to StraightUp Strategy’s consultants.

Our most popular services include: handling customer service and operations issues, interviewing candidates, executive sounding board, and driving new deals. We love it. We’re good at it. Other services listed here. 

Why outsource work? Faster results without the politics. Corporate America has a decision making problem. It is plagued with posturing, bottlenecks, and politics. Leaders want things done better and quicker. Departments need more help. Customers are stuck in the middle, leading to complaints.

Why speak to us? Leaders are often isolated and surrounded by “Yes Men”. Leaders can turn to us as unbiased, experienced professionals who know the business, what will work, what won’t, why, and won’t hesitate to speak up. Our secret recipe? Experience, education, instinct, preparation, decision making, and enthusiasm. 

Our Goal: To support, advise, and inform startups, executives, and business owners using a common sense, smart, savvy and candid approach. We want to reduce unnecessary risks and exposures while launching your confidence and profits for long term sustainable growth. See us as a second right hand, external round table, or personal think tank. Not everyone is business minded and not everyone has started a business before. We can help.

*Why StraightUp Strategy: We have global and national corporate experience with startups and Fortune 200 companies. We’ve negotiated thousands of deals, handled hundreds of operations and  customer service issues, dozens of marketing campaigns. We can provide you with experience and insight at a price that you can afford and an approach you will find refreshing. We don’t overcomplicate. We don’t posture. We move quick and effectively. Appearances are less important to us than results. Mr. Sullivan was educated at top schools, mentored by some of the best, and experienced globally.

Conclusion: We guarantee our services will be provided with a smart, savvy, and candid approach that you can count on and at a fee that you can afford.

Stay Smart, Stay Savvy. Read up on Business Trends and Strategy here: Articles.

Past Experiences: Beyond the categorical breakdown below we’ve taken companies national, wound them down, handled teams across the globe, dealt with big banks, Fortune companies, negotiated huge deals, led marketing campaigns, handled risk strategy and done it all with a StraightUp approach that worked. Educated in law, business, politics, and psychology we have the angles and perspectives you need.  Contact me at Learn more about Mr Sullivan here

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